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I first began using Photoshop when I was fifteen, and that was my first step to becoming a designer.

My name is Tom, and I am an experienced digital designer who has consulted to a variety of Australia’s prominent organisations across multiple industries. I hold extensive experience across Front-end design, interface design for web and mobile, HTML5 animation, and end-to-end eDM design and development.
I have outstanding interpersonal skills and excel at developing strong working relationships with key stakeholders. I work well autonomously and in teams, I possess strong analytical and troubleshooting skills and I am also experienced in managing multiple tasks to complete projects that deliver essential value.


The internet is a vast compendium of all human knowledge. Utilising it to benefit your organisation is integral.

Developing a user experience to reach more potential users is crucial. Digital design improves branding, enhances user conversions and can be useful for both passive and active marketing.
  • Website design & Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Electronic Direct Emails (EDMs)
  • Design for mobile and tablet
  • Support & Maintenance

Branding is one of the most important tools for developing reputable and recognised businesses.

Being continually recognised is essential, it not only ensures customers find you quicker and easier but also differentiates you from your competition. Branding creates trust and builds relationships which in turn legitimises your business.
Improving a brand is complex and requires a great deal of research to comprehensively understand your organisation. A good brand not only tells a story, but should also reflect what your customers’ believe a successful business is.

Communicating visually has always remained the most compelling method to transmit information to people.

Differentiate from your competition and engage your customers with refreshing methods of promotion. Be the very best at what you do, quality matters and so does your brand.
  • Packages
  • Publications
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Logo & Corporate Branding

The functionality aspects of websites must be efficient and fluid allowing users to be guided to achieve their goals.

Website development technologies are considered the foundation of any online website or application. It is the difference between clicks and closes and the speed of processes. A well-developed website is recognised as a successful one.
Slow websites are a deterrent to users; unconventional functionality causes failures to complete tasks. The latest technologies executed efficiently and intelligently facilitate a rewarding user experience.

HTML5 Ads are becoming increasingly popular. They don’t use flash and work on all modern devices.

Useful for marketing to large online audiences, HTML5 Animation can be responsive, adapting to most device screen sizes including mobile, tablet and desktop.
They are far more smooth than GIFs and can even be created to use all the common interactions you find on smartphones.


With years of industry experience comes a refined understanding of design. I have completed and worked on dozens of different projects from scratch and always keep up with the latest style trends. I’m proud to present my work, feel free to explore some of my latest projects below.

Why Choose Me?

I am Creative

I love virtual design just as much as physical. From painting to programming, whatever the creative problem, I can solve it.

I am Punctual

I understand how important deadlines are. That's why being organised is essential, I create schedules to manage our time so you don't have to.

I am Dedicated

I produce excellent work because I’m always committed and am continually motivated to delivering the finest and most professional standards to you.

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